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    FYI for anyone having issues with their SIM door:

    I just received my 5th replacement today and for the first time the SIM door is much better than all previous units!
    They have put a spring loaded tensioner on the inside of the door that helps keep the door tight against the treo and prevents it from easily coming off or at least getting all scratched up.

    It's the SIM door shown on top in the picture.

    If this is an issue for you, call HS support and ask them if they can send you one of these!
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    I'm on Treo #3 - was also interesting to note when I got this 3rd replacement they wanted me to keep the old SIM door rather than exchange it as in the past. What kind of nutcase company puts the serial number on the one part that's totally removeable in the first place?!
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    Originally posted by millerhifi
    It's the SIM door shown on top in the picture.
    Oh: I see it now Lucky I have my magnifying glass...

    Thanks for the information though!
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    I have been through the serial number on door problem. They also asked me to switch doors with a new unit. THen I sent the unit back. THey later wanted me to tell them the serial number on the unit they just sent me. Told them I don't know because I sent back the door, as they asked me. FOr over 1 month they would not send me my replacement unit. The new unit died.

    HS is a complete mess. Who would ever put the serial number on the door. I am sending back my 4th unit and just got my 5th. My 4th had the new door and my 5th does not. So switching the door and writing down the serial number this time.

    I strongly urge someone considering the Treo to stay away. I estimate owning the Treo costing me a fortune in my time. It is just a complete mess.


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