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    A warning to those using tight fitting cases. I have an elasticated tight case for my Treo 300 that I bought online. I have seen others with the same case (I don't want to cause the manufacturer public grief - I have emailed 'em directly).

    My problem is this:

    When I put my Treo into the case, I sometimes take it out and find the Treo completely dead or in a funky state where I need to reset it. I thought the problem was static but now I realize that it is the jog rocker switch and the application buttons being held down. The jog rocker appears to be the one that causes the most hassle - if the Treo wakes up, it does not go asleep again until you let the switch go.

    My suggestion:

    Don't use tight fitting cases on Treo 300. Modify the case you have if it is very tight. Loosen that elastic and your Treo wil be much happier. You also have to make sure that the case does not snag the jog rocker and hold it down.

    I had the sport case from Handspring at first and had no problems as it is quite loose fitting but then I got tempted by the style of the other case. I'm back with the Handspring one for now.
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    poryphyron - are you referring to the "action pack" case from Handspring, or do they offer something else that I am missing? Do you think that case would fit in a front pocket easily, or does it add a lot of bulk?


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