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    I used my nokia as my alarm clock (complete with snooze button) and now that I've switched to the treo, the alarm feature of the nokia is the one thing I miss. Ideally the rocker would trigger the (preferrably ajustable) snooze and would require more concentrated effor to turn the %!?* alarm off (thereby assuring I was really awake

    Anything like this out there? Of course a clock face on screen would be needed ... better yet, if it said 'wake up stupid, it's ten already!' it would save my wife some effort in the morning.

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    I use ClockPro, but there are a bunch of other options out there as well like: BigClock, Clock + and etc. Do a search on palmgear and you'll find lots of apps...
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    BigClock is my favorite.
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    I am also a Big Clock enthusiast.
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    Bump. Anyone know of freeware (or is there a hack for BigClock) where the phone vibrates if in silent mode?
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    I've been using my Treo as an "silent" alarm clock using a decidely low-tech method - setting an appointment in Calendar for my wake-up time and switching the top switch to "off." That way, the vibrate goes off (I put it on the desk - that's just about as loud as the audible alarm). I can snooze that way, too, although that means opening the lid...can be dangerous early in the morning...

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