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    I have been able to reproduce a serious problem with the Belkin Wireless Keyboard twice today while using Wordsmith which led to hard resets and loss of all data. I am using a Treo 300 with no hacks enabled. The problem is intermittent and occurs when using the shortcut key and the date time stamp (abbreviated on my Treo as shortcut key+v). Other uses of the shortcut key may lead to the same results but I have not confirmed this. I am getting Fatal Exception errors from which I am able to recover with a soft reset on many occasions. However, on two occations I ended up with a hard reset. On one occasion there was no warning, I reset and the Treo did the hard reset on its own. On the second occasion I got the flashing screen from which there is evidently no escape. The shortcut occasionally works; but, my initial impression is that approximately 20% of the time the shortcut will lead to a Fatal Exception, and of those there is a high possibility of ending up with data loss. I don't know if the shorcuts are causing problems in other apps yet. If anyone finds a workaround I would appreciate the information. Other than that, as far as I have been able to determine, the keyboard is quite excellent.

    Wireless PDA Keyboard Version 1.0
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    I got my wireless keyboard yesterday and have had a few resets, but not necessarily when the driver is enabled. I also just installed the latest version of Chatter, so am not sure which is the culprit, if either.

    I think I'll avoid using shortcuts for the moment. Have you contacted Belkin?

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    Yes, I emailed them yesterday. I also had soft resets when disabling Wordcomplete and Mcphling with the Belkin driver active, but was able to get around the problem by deactivating them both AND resetting before using the keyboard. It seems there is a small screw loose somewhere and the driver needs some finishing touches.
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    I didn't know there was a keyboard that working with the Treo. What is the model?
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    Originally posted by michaelcpowell
    I didn't know there was a keyboard that working with the Treo. What is the model?
    Yes, it is just out this month and, notwithstanding the aforementioned bugs, works very well. If you do a search on the Belkin site or you can get all the details. It is available at Fry's if you have one in your area and possibly at Circuit City which also carries Belkin products.

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