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    I'm pretty much at the end of my rope with sprint tech support. I addition, I am SICK, SICK, of every sprint customer service person pimping me to change my long distance to sprint. I swear I have told them at least 7 times that I don't want sprint long distance service, cause I don't even have a home phone. I want my treo to work and they are more concerned with selling me sell additional services.

    So anyway, maybe you all know what's going on.... treo 300 with eudora loaded via mac osx (I have no desire to sync my mail, all i want to do is use my treo to check it).

    Important Info: I have searched the archives, without finding a the solution that works......The treo sucessfully checks TWO non-sprint mail accounts fine (via wireless sprint). It will send smtp mail out on the account where that is allowed (so why don't i use that account to send mail, cause it's my employer's server....)
    This suggests that the treo, eudora, and my connection is fine.

    So i go to check my sprintpcs mail account (I am dead positive that all the servers and passwords are configured correctly) and I get incoming and outgoing authentication errors. One of the error codes contains the wording,"5.8.7 bad user name and password (authentication failed)". Again, I am sure that stuff is correct (and yes I have tried every possible combination, too). The last sprint helper that I talked to said that eudora needs to be synced for it to work. This sounded crazy, because the treo works fine on my other accounts. So he says to go handspring and download the software for a TREO 270 (huh?) and install it. When I asked him what that was going to do to my 300, he admitted that he can't be sure. Then he mentioned, we don't supports MACS. That's all fine and dandy, us mac people are used to that, but this doesn't sound like a MAC problem to me. The treo checks and sends, hense WORKS FINE, on all my other mail servers.

    Any ideas?
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    I had a similar situation.

    I had to log into and manually reassign my smtp/pop account passwords. Then everything worked fine. I've got Authentication set to Best Available, SSL to If Available, etc, etc.

    But after connecting, "Server Info" says there isn't any security info about the sprintpcs server. So they probably aren't using much in the way of authentication.

    I find that connecting to sprintpcs works about half the time, for whatever reason. And if there's ANY connection error, you get to re-enter your account password. I sure wish that Eudora were more intelligent about what constitutes a password problem.

    I also find that connecting eudora to my Linux home mail only works if my authentication is set to Plain (USER) and SSL is set to None. I think that Eudora has a small bug where it changes it's SSL version to match what the server offers, and the server has a small bug where it hangs up if the SSL version number changes during the conversation.

    But start with making sure your passwords are entered. Just enter 'em again.

    Also, make sure that your username is

    incoming server

    outgoing server

    You might have all that stuff right- I can't see the whole thread right now.

    Good luck.
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    thanks for the reply. Here is an update...

    I tried going to and doing the password change trick earlier this morning. No Luck. BTW... wireless web browsing works fine.

    So I went through and recreated the sprint account in eudora and experimented with security settings. Still the exact same (lack of) results. same bat channel, same bat errors......

    thanks for trying

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    I learned long ago not to call Sprint Customer Service for any reason unless I feel like getting aggravated. The people on this message board know far more than any of them and are far more helpful.

    When I first got my Treo 300, I was going crazy trying to get the thing to synchronize. Upon calling Sprint CS, I was told that nobody, including the people at Sprint, have been able to get a single Treo 300 to synchronize!! Shortly thereafter, I searched for a Treo message board and ended up here. Since then, I've never had to call them again for anything.
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    Hi, I had the exact same problem which was solved today by a very helpful, knowledgeable person, named Tom, in Tech Support (really), who was very familiar with both the Treo 300 and Eudora. He needed to manually set the email password which he stated is not always updated by changes made to the Vision Password online - they can be set independently from one another. While I was on the phone with him, in less than 5 minutes, he was able to reset the password, which was in effect immediately, as he had me try to send a message - which went right through - yeah!

    I am using my cable pop server to receive messages and the server to send messages so under "Security Settings" I have the Outgoing (SMTP) set to prompt for a password since it is not the same as the incoming user name. Once it prompts for the user name & password, for the first time, you can just set it to remember the password and it works like a charm! (p.s. I only entered the actual user name not the "" portion, but then again, I am not using the sprint email address only the SMTP server)

    Good luck,
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    Thanks for posting. I called sprint and told them what you said and it worked.


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