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    Suddenly my touchscreen wont work. I have done a soft and hard reset and it still won't work. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Yes. Try loosening the 4 scews on the back and try again. If that works gently tighten them until it stops then back off. No matter what have the unit swapped. Oh yeah have you recalibrated the digitizet yet?
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    thanks, I'll try that. I can't recalibrate the digitizer since the touch screen doesn't work. I'll try playing with the screws, thanks. Thats more help than I got from Sprint!
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    When you say that the touch screen won't work, are you saying that the screen is dark and you can't see anything or that it won't respond to any screen taps?
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    I can see it. It is not dark. It just doesn't respond.
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    The touchscreen on my first Treo 300 would work for 30-60 seconds each time I turned it on and then quit responding to touches. I couldn't find a fix, so I returned it for a new one. The unit did this from day 1. If I were you I would return yours under warranty for a new one.
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    Thanks everyone. Thanks to tarfin's suggestion of loosenting and tightening the screws, it seems to be working fine for the moment. Although I will look into getting it exchanged. Does anyone if I have to go back to CompUSA where I bought it or can Sprint take care of the exchange?
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    Glad to hear problem solved, I has a similar experience but different soln that might be useful to someone out there.

    Screen operated as usual (back light, etc) but no touch screen.

    Turns out the problem was the corner of my Fellowes screen protector was pinched between the front hsng and the touchscreen. Touchscreen was pinched and saw a constant input load in the corner not permitting any other touch inputs.

    R&R screen protector, this time with better alignment, no problems since.

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