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    I read that RealNetworks announced today software and a system for mobile device users to stream content and music.

    However, right now it is created ONLY for:
    Pocket PC
    Nokia 9200 Series Communicators
    Nokia Series 60 Phones (3650, 7650)
    Palm OS 5 Based Handhelds

    Especially note the last one. Our Treo 300s with the Handspring-modified Palm 3.5 OS are left in the dust!

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    There is no way you'd ever get quality streaming on a Treo. Why would you even expect Real to support a dead OS?
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    Streaming video is what I'm really looking forward to in my next Treo....quick weather, news, and sports highlights clips. I don't have TV, so streaming video is the only video I get!

    If the processor, screen, and speaker doesn't allow for decent video/audio, then I may have to look at one of the PocketPC's (i700).
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    If Sprint is having issues with people using their Treo 300s as wireless modems, wait until their users start connecting to streaming media from Pocket PC devices! (And that's just Sprint - other carriers's bandwidth is more expensive.)
    Bandwidth isn't free. Unless the carrier is willing to eat the costs, customers will probably be in for a rude surprise when the first bills arrive - or at least when contracts start coming up for renewal.
    Nice idea, though.
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