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    My Treo 300 came new with it's hinge kind of loose (the "flip" part sort of wobbles up and down a bit). Is this "normal"? Anybody else's Treo 300 come new like this?
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    It's an ongoing problem with build quality of the Treo. You can either live with it, build up some layers of tape cut to fit the case where the hinge meets the body or if you're within the timeframe for SPCS' return policy go back to the store and ask for a replacement Treo with a tighter hinge
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    Yeah-Figured it was a common problem. It's a shame, because the flip part wobbling like that makes the phone feel "cheap". I was considering exchanging it, but I figured I would then get a phone with a tight hinge, but with other problems. Besides the loose flip part, I love this phone.
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    Iíve returned a similar beast with the same problem. Three treos later ive finally got one that works with a tight hinge.

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    i would go ahead and exchange it for another Treo -

    for more details :

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