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    Back in the days when I had my beloved Blackberry, I had a standalone messaging software from Skytel that would let my staff type a message, press send and it would dial up skytel through the modem and shoot the message to my Blackberry without going on the web.

    Does anyone know of similar software that would get messages to my T-Mobile Treo without going online?
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    Plain old txt messaging? E-mail to your Treo?
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    Plain old text; either email or SMS would work.

    any ideas?
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    If you send e-mail to it should SMS your Treo with it.

    You can change this e-mail address on, if you don't want it to be the same as your phone number.

    Edit: Yeah, you didn't want to go online. Nevermind.
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  5. #5 want to be able to send a message to your Treo without going online. I can only come up with two options:

    1. They could CALL you! (duh)
    2. Everyone on your staff could get a Treo!!!!!

    Wish this were more helpful!

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    They could message you via their cell phone(s), provided you had a decent SMS app on your Treo (like Treo300SMS), and that way they'd never have to go online. I message people all the time like that.

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