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    I think I was just handed my final reason to abandon my Treo. I was updating my calender on a flight from FL to Boston today and the flight attendent informed me I could not use the Treo on the plane. I explained to him and showed him the wireless mode was off but that didn't matter. He informed me that combination phone products can not be used on the plane a new FAA rule. I guess it is time to go back to a phone and my old Ipaq.
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    I was wondering when this would happen. There's a good article on Slashdot and on the Register on this (/. links to the reg.)
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    I've used mine several times on many flights, and never have a problem, esp if wireless mode is off.
    They don't want to have anyone using anything electronic, even though there is ZERO evidence that use of ANY consumer electronic interferes with the avionics of a plane.

    New FAA rule my arse...just lazy, uninformed airlines.
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    I think you ran into a dumb flight attendant.
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    The use of electronic devices on airliners is confusing at the very least. I have successfully lobbied one airline to change their policy on their use of electronic devices so I understand the issues. The use of a device hinges upon whether or not the device has "intended" RF transmission. It generally follows FCC Part 15 rules. If the device is designed to generate RF, as in a cell phone, the device will not be allowed to be used. It "was" my understanding that airlines would allow a device to be used if it could be shown to be off during flight.

    As an example take a GPS receiver. This is a device which will not generate intentional RF during use. Hence, it should be able to be used.

    Here is a link to a list of airlines which allow GPS receivers during flight during the cruising portion of the flight:

    So, if you have an electronic device and it conforms to FCC Part 15 rules (it will say on the device or in it's manual) it should be allowed on those on the list which allow devices. Those airlines which don't, generally do not allow any devices to be used. The list, therefore, can be of some use to figure out which airlines use the FCC Part 15 type rules.

    Hope this helps.
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    When the first came out there was a lot of discussion on this issue - with teh result being that most people foudn that treo's were allowed. Do some searches into the forum and you chould find some long threads on this.

    I have not heard of any new FCC regulation though.. sounds liek you got some flight attendant in a bad mood..
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Anyone notice a parallel between flight attendants and csr's making up the rules as they see fit? "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" - Emerson (although I don't know if that fits in this case)
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    Probably touchy because of this new study:

    Best to use the Palm aspects of the Treo discreetly and not call attention to yourself. You know where the attendant is during the flight, don't use it in front of him or her.
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    You might want to remove the antenna if you can. Looks much less phone like.
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    The article on interference is the key, of course - any airline that isn't totally nuts would simply say "Okay, ban them before we get our asses sued right into bankruptcy!" whether or not the study is bogus.

    It should be noted - BTW - that the FCC is the one that says no cell phone use in the air and the FAA is the one that has minor restrictions on electronic device use in the air. The airlines themselves, pretty much, are the ones who decide when and what type of electronoic devices may be used in their airplanes, however.

    Anyone who has placed their PDA near an AM radio (direction finder in airplanes?) know what interference is.

    (OT-anecdote - I date back to when computers were literally built by hand from chips, etc. I had a homebuilt computer WITH speakers on it - the amplifier for the speakers was on a board internal to the computer cabinet (an old two drawer file cabinet!). I could listen to the crosscoupled 'noise" on the speakers and tell pretty much what was happening on my computer (e.g., command-lookup, command execution, error routine invocation, etc))
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    WIth my Treo 180 I could hear when I got calls on my radio. It was really cool, actually. I'd hear some clicking and know a call was coming in.
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    I use a wireless headset at work (Plantronics-don't remember what model or frequency). If the headset's transceiver sits near my Treo 270, I can hear an odd tone in the phone headset a bit before my Treo rings.
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    When traveling across country in mid April, one of the four planes I was on made me shut the thing off. They did not care at all that I could shut off the wireless mode.
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    I'm sure the situation varies somewhat from airline to airline. But on American, they will not let you use the Treo 300. It even states in their inflight magazine that no cell phone equipment is to be used anytime, even in game mode. One time, a flight attendant personally made me shut it off, insisting that even in "wireless mode off," it is not "an approved device." I still use in inflight but manage to hide the attena.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the future, as devices such as the Treo gain popularity and are used by more people.
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    Why don't you just hide the treo when you see a flight attendant coming near you?

    That would solve the problem.
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    Funny, it was American that told me to turn mine off. 25% of the time.

    But I did start "hiding" it better.
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    Something tells me they don't do the same for Blackberries.
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    Check out this article:

    about 'flight-safe cellular phones. IMHO, Treos qualify as we can turn off the radio at will. Maybe we can petition the powers-that-be to get them recognized as safe.
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    I haven't flown since '87. What can you do with these things during flight?

    - laptop computer

    - tungsten T (it's not a phone, but can communicate via bluetooth)

    - handheld gps

    - handheld TV

    - laptop dvd player
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    Originally posted by jposin
    IMHO, Treos qualify as we can turn off the radio at will. Maybe we can petition the powers-that-be to get them recognized as safe.
    Perhaps they know the temptation to go wireless and start surfing would be too great.
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