Long before PCS Vision existed, Sprint offered a service called something like "Page Forwarding" for $5 a month. This service allowed the following: If you had a non-Sprint pager, when somebody paged you; that page would be forwarded to your Sprint cell phone as a page.

I am going into private practice soon as a doctor and the hospital I will be working for assigns me a pager with some local generic service.

I would like to be able to have these hospital pages forwarded to my Sprint phone, so I do not have to worry about missing pages if I am not in the pager's service area.

Does anybody have a clue if Sprint still does this or if PCS Vision has this capability? I am trying to avoid the headache of dealing with Sprint Customer Service if at all possible. TreoCentral’s Discussion Groups has given me a magnitude more information than Sprint’s “Claire” has helped me with.

Thank you,