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    I have a strange situation. I need an email client (does not hve to be free) that will immediately ring my phone on response to an email from one certain address. I need this ringing (I don't care what the actual tone is) to continue until I answer (ie: pick up the phone). Right now, my treo 300 will beep when I get an email message, but not continue until I acknowledge. This is especially important when I am sleeping.

    Thank you very much in advance,
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    I kinda sorta have something which may work. It is BETA software so I'm always having to fix stuff etc. The reason it is "kinda sorta" is because you asked specifically for an email solution.

    What you could do with TreoHelper is have an SMS do a really really long ring duration. The ringtone will repeat and repeat, on a 300, for the duration until a key is hit.

    So you could send an email to with a specific text, and in TreoHelper's SMS section you'd set a text trigger for it. But that's the problem I guess, is that you may not be able to send that email to yourself if you don't have some extra software.

    (site seems unreachable at the moment)

    Alternatively you could have TreoAlertMgr do some kind of repeat alert based on an incoming SMS. I don't have experience with that.

    Again keep in mind that TreoHelper is BETA software. Changing a lot, and some bugs still outstanding.

    I used to have needs like you, and I did them with my BlackBerry and some extra software. I don't so much need things like that any more, but I can understand.
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    Another option would be to use Yahoo mail and have an SMS alert sent to your Treo 300. Then, using TreoAlertMgr. from, you can have an alert configured to any ringtone/sound you specify telling you that you have email. This is the combination that I use and it works just great. Then I use Snappermail on my Treo for email.

    Yahoo sends SMS alerts when new mail is received and YOU get to configure them. If you only want email alerts sent if you receive email from one individual you can set it up that way.

    If you need more details on this setup you can email me at

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