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    Going the the Bahamas on vacation. Anyone have an idea how the T-mobile service on my Treo 270 will be?
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    How about "non-existent"!! No service in the Bahamas yet for GSM.

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    are you gay? mine works fine there!
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    Are you a moron? Must be, since what other kind of person would respond as you did? If you took the time to log on to, you would see that there is no GSM provider listed for the Bahamas. In the off chance that a signal carries all the way from Florida, it's wise to remember that the Bahamas is a huge place - it stretches for hundreds & hundreds of miles. Are you saying that there is coverage in the Exumas? Long Island? Acklin Island? Eleuthera? Try & be accurate, before slinging invectives.
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    Why are you looking at a UK site to check coverage from your US phone to travel to a non UK country in the first place? T-Mo shows this:

    Bermuda & West Indies Telecom

    GSM Frequency: 1900 MHz
    Customer Care: +1 441 500 0811
    WorldClass Rate: $1.99 per minute for all calls
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    That's very nice, except Treoman 270 asked about the BAHAMAS, not Bermuda!


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