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    has anybody run into this problem? I installed treohelper and am using it to use some ringtones for sms. the only problem is that whenever an sms msg comes in the ringtone is loud for only like the first three seconds. then it gets real soft. I set the sms ringtone length to 10 seconds so I know that's not it. I'm using tcringer and treo300sms in addition to treohelper. anybody with any help? thanks
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    Do you have the system-wide Message Tone enabled. That could explain it.

    Other than that, loud ringtones are kinda weird. Seems that with the loud setting, it enables an extra amplifier, and the turning on/off of that is kindof an independent thing and sometimes gets confused.

    The duration setting is used for both the playing of the tone, and also a timer for when to kill the tone, which is necessary to turn off the amp if loud sounds are used.

    So anyways, if you have the system-wide Message Tone enabled, what could be happening is that it's playing them simultaneous, but the system-wide setting is turning off the amp after 3 seconds because that's the default duration.
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    I shut off the system wide message tone, and I think that the message plays a little longer, but it doesn't play for the entire length I specify. It definitely does not get quieter after a few seconds just stays loud for about 4-5 seconds.

    Could this be because that is the length of the ringtone without any looping? Does treohelper play the ringtone looped, or does it just play the ringtone once?

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    It loops by itself, at least on the 300. Some of the tones have a delay at the end so the looping may take a second or two.

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