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    So, I ordered a new antenna for my treo 270 (my buddy has a treo 180 and recommended it) and was wondering how to remove it!

    The 180's antenna unscrew's pretty easily, but the 270 just seems to spin around and not come off!

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks! =)
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    In case any one care's, I got it to come off by grabbing some pliers and gripping the antenna at it's base, right were it connectes to the device. It seems the top of the antenna is hollow, and if spun around the wrong way, the rubber sorta just spins on the metal screw that connects it to the treo.

    Be gentel, all you need is a little pressure to unseat the metal screw, and it should screw off the rest of the way w/ just thumb pressure.

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    Try to put something thin enough to fit between the antenna and its base while unscrewing the antenna. What happens is that the brass base for the antenna becomes loose against the plastic casing. I actually openned my treo when I wanted to remove the antenna. I then glued the base to the casing with quick drying glue and now I can easily unscrew and screw back the antenna any time.
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    yeah, I tried opening the treo, but I couldn't see how to get it fully open! I was scared I was going to break something.

    I tested my plyer theory on a 270 I was sendng back to handspring ( I've been through 3 now) to avoid any cosmetic blemishing. Being careful, my 270 was able to escape, unscathed =)
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    I dont recommend using any pliers to remove the antenna as it will damage the rubber and or treo's casing. Everytime I open my treo's case, I dont need to use any knife or sometihing flat to pry open the upper and lower part. I just use my fingers. Check out other threads on how to open up the treo.

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