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    I am considering buying a treo 300 and switching from AT&T to Sprint, but need an external antenna adapter to use it in my office. Do you know if one is available? The treo has a socket for one, but sprint and handspring don't sell an adapter that I can find. Thanks very much.

    Dan Hardy
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    "The treo has a socket for one"

    I have a Treo 300 and do not see a socket. There is a small round black rubber spot near the antenna on the back of the Treo. Is that the "socket" (cover)?

    My Sprint reception has been so good that I have no use for an external antenna. My T-Moble service (Prism w/phone) was so bad that I would not ever go back to them. T-Moble would not work for me inside any building. Sprint works in my bacement, and has never dropped a call!

    You might want to talk with others you work with and see what phone service works, were you work. It is possible that there is a service provider that is good enough not to need a boost.


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