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    I have recently returned to Australia after working in the US for 2 years. Can anyone tell me if there is a way I can use my Treo 300 in Australia? I am seriously missing using my treo! I haven't been able to get any answers from the phone companies here.

    Apreciate any help!
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    I would seriously doubt it. Although I do understand some CDMA networks are in Australia, I don't know what frequency(ies) they use.

    Overall, most of Oceania is using GSM, which is incompatible with your Treo 300. You may want to consider a Treo 270 for down under.

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    Telstra operates an 800 MHz CDMA network in Australia, but since the Treo 300 uses the 1900 MHz frequency, it won't work there. You could try the Kyocera 7135, which is available from Telstra for their CDMA network, or as gmaugham says, try the Treo 270 on a GSM network there.
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    CDMA network phones dont roam like GSM. Just because the frequencies match from one network to another is no indication. Each phone has an ESN number associated with it. The network opens a range of ESN numbers for handsets that they approve or for roaming partners. If the number aint on the list your phone will not work on that network. This is somewhat similarly controlled on GSM networks but here all the networks open up to the range of IMEI numbers for a new handset. A very few will disable a range of IMEI numbers or single IMEIs in the case of theft or fraud.

    In short, you can use the Treo 300 only on the Sprint network and to a small extent on parts of Verizon and Bell Mobility. The geographic range is US states, small parts of Canada, some dependent territories such as Caribbean islands that have Sprint or Sprint affiliated coverage. There are some networks in South America on 1900 CDMA band that I suspect the 300 would work on but I have not tested it.

    If you travel outside of these areas, Sprint offer a service where they rent you a GSM phone and they transfer your Sprint calls and voicemail to the GSM handset. Not a bad compromise.

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