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    I find that in some wireless applications my Treo 300 stops doing anything and doesn't shut itself off.

    For example, when I check mail with Eudora, I sometimes get the message: "Connected, negotiating..." and then nothing happens until I hit cancel. The battery could run completely dead and the Treo would just keep plugging away.

    I've also seen this happen during the "Cleaning up, please wait" message after a wireless Hotsync.

    I don't suppose there's anything I can do about this other than vent- does anyone else see this? Am I the only one for whom Eudora mail will take minutes to "negotiate" sometimes and seconds other times? And sometimes Eudora won't connect at all. But it won't give up, either.

    Does the auto shutoff get disabled while waiting for a TCP ACK or something?

    Grr. Grr. Grr.
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    I have also found my treo300 in a hard reset after it sitting by it's lonesome. Unfortunately since it is hard reset there is no evidence to conduct an autopsy with (so to speak).

    I have this happen in poor signal coverage areas and if I forget to disconnect from AOL.

    It just happened again last night.

    You'd think HS would have had a hardware based shut off feature to minimize the chance of a hard reset.

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