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    I had the plastic flip break on my Treo and ordered a replacement via ERP until I read the board and called T2 to see ifa store should replace it ... apprently they will, so i am going to the nearest store (faraway) tomorrow ... since I just my palm so incredilby much, I'd rather hate to be without its full feature set... is there any reasonable way to beam its entire contents (beyond the stuff in flash rom of course) to another palm, incl preferences and all? I was gonna use TealMover, but I'm unsure if that will move most of what I need. .. any ideas?
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    Downolad and install SyncAll, and hotsync to back up everything on your PDA. Then when you get your new one, hotsync will make it just like your old one. I don't know how to transfer it all by IR, but if you could, it would take a very long time, and the battery might not make it. Particularly since the battery on the new one probably needs to be charged before you can do anything.
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    BackupBuddy is probably the better known application for backing up and restoring the entire contents of your PDA.

    SyncAll is free but it seems to be not too smart in its strategy of flipping all the backup bits. You would end up with pretty long HotSyncs IMO.
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    punks wouldn't swap it out due to the scratches ... it asn't that bad, and even though the flip is considered to be a known flaw, they wouldnt take it back, so waiting for ERP right now..
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    it always a crap shoot with sprint after you are outside of the first 14 days of your contract. sometimes they do the right thing, and most of the time they dont.


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