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    hi, the warranty on my 270s running out, so I thought it was time to either get a new one with a warranty and sell the old one on or try something I took a gamble and got a 928 with digital camera. hope to get the clip on keyboard which is the only thing that made a swap feasible. so have to see... i'll update as soon as I get it! anyone else made a switch?
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    first impressions...

    smaller than i thought it would be, wider and taller than the treo, but smaller when used as a phone, which i thought was silly with the treo as it doubled in size.

    Screen is amazingly clear, 16bit colour really makes a difference, looking back the treo seems uncrisp and yellow.

    As a phone, the system is difficult to navigate and simple things like just pulling up a contact seem alot harder due to having to use contacts and click in boxes, as a phone i think you shouldnt have to use the stylus which is why the keyboard is a must.

    Saying that, when the keyboard (which is backlit) arrived, it made the jornada a whole lot bigger, almost to the point where i thought it wasn't feasible to carry around but the thing that swayed me was using the internet on it.

    The bigger screen and hi res make pages look crisp and more like web pages than a mess of boxes and links to search though.

    Email is harder to set up, i used snappermail on the treo and miss its functionality, Inbox on the jornada is over complicated and pretty annoying and i still havent got it to send properly, so i'm using some freeware 'nPOP' which does the trick quite nicely.

    The software for pocket pc seems limited, which is mad seeing as it should be easy to develop for, mainly its techie business orientated but with the XDA surely there should be more consumer software.

    I'm not much of a gamer but the ones i do have a very clear and well beyond the palm ones.

    A good extra is the option to use the digital camera, this is more convience than buying into the whole MMS marketting ploy, (which i dont think the jornada supports) but the pictures are good quality and look good on the phone screen, though not so special on a standard screen which shows the imperfections.

    Overall, the jornada is worthy competition to the treo and better than the XDA in my books (although i haven't got to walk away with one yet).

    Pros - Crisp Clear screen, loads of memory (64MB), expandability, mp3 and digital camera support, overall build quality feels more secure, swappable batterys, can be used as phone without flipping lid.

    Cons - Large, profiles limited (silent mode vibrates non stop for 5 seconds, which is annoying) cheap nasty stylus, keyboard 50 extra. Discontinued, hard to get hold of

    I hope this helps anyone looking for another option,

    Below is a pic taken with the camera
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    You took a picture on the linux penguin sitting on a laptop that is running WinXp with a phone running another MS O/S.

    Isn't that sacrileges?

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    lol - i thought no one would notice!
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