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    Hi. I've been using my treo for months with a GPRS connection (working on Chatter mainly), but in the last day or two, I have been unable to load data consistently from anywhere on the web. The problem isn't software, as even Blazer doesn't work properly after a hard-reset.

    The symptom is that I can get a GPRS connection and I can typically connect to sites. However, the Treo then either reads a small amount of data (538 bytes) or nothing, and then hangs and times out.

    Has anyone seen this?


    - Marc
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    Originally posted by mblank
    Has anyone seen this?
    It's not my fault, is it?
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    Nah. A hard-reset treo fails with Blazer. As much as I'd like to blame it on you, I just can't. Sorry.

    - m
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    Just checking.
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    It's my fault: I cursed at my Treo the other day, not realizing the chain reaction

    Actually I have not experienced any of this Marc. Good luck though. (BTW, how's the progress with IMAP in the background going?)
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    Funny you should ask. I'll probably send out first new Chatters tomorrow (Thursday)!

    - m

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