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    I've been having some problems getting AOL to work on my treo 300 on Sprint (I have a thread on this topic in the general discussion).

    When I configure (using #777 as dial number) I establish a connection to AOL, but then nothing happens and I get a timeout error.

    I can use a local access number and connect, but I know there is a way to connect without dial-up.

    Just for my sanity could someone [who is using the new AOL successfully on their treo] explicitly cover all of the settings they use to connect.

    I want to make sure I have everything configured properly.


    For those intersted here is more detail on what happens:
    - I click sign on
    - Enter Username and pwd
    - Click sign on
    - I get a "connecting to AOL" dialog
    - I get a "signing on" dialog
    - I get an "established" dialog
    And then my treo freezes
    Once I got a timeout error

    Applications on my treo:
    Quick Office Premiere
    Treo Mail
    Spider (Solitaire)
    Tank Pilot
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    what version of AOL software are you using?
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    I just purchased the new version from Handango

    Well in answer to my own question, All one must do is select "Another ISP".

    Strange thing is I swear I tried that multiple times and it did not work. The only thing I changed on this last attempt was I actually let AOL run through the process of getting local access numbers before I canged the setting to another ISP.

    Maybe I'm getting old...
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    That's all that you needed to do!
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone

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