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    So I buy this new treo, right? and I love it.

    So i go to plug it in to the cigarette lighter and it is very hard to engage it into the treo (yes I have the correct side up). It is hard to get out. No wonder: when I remove it the little piece of plastic is broken off. Luckily, the treo is fine.

    so i call sprint. they send me to a store. the local store says they are an "affiliate" as are all stores around here. they can't handle warrenty repairs and I have to call sprint. so i call sprint. nice lady says they will send a "bubble pack" and I should just put the part in there and then they will replace it. three to four days.

    A week later I call to find out where the bubble pack is. Sprint has no record that one was shipped. So the guy restarts a claim.

    Then he says that he can't be sure this is a warrenty (how could it not be, the dang thing never worked - not even once). So his solution is to send me another treo, but bill me 500 dollars until i return the other one. This sounds crazy. I mean I haven't even had the treo for two weeks. It works fine, now, and it syncs fine now. All i want is the stupid car charger to work.

    Has anyone else had been able to get sprint to mail them just the charger? what technique did you use?
    Reason didn't seem to work with this guy. even though he talked to a supervisor several times, he kept saying that "it was more complicated than it seems." It seems pretty silly to me.
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    ebay $15
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    Excellent Point. I sell stuff on ebay every week. Can't believe I didn't think of it first. That's the path of least resistance.

    I found one on ebay that was closing in 8 minutes. 6.45 + 4.00 shipping: just paid for it......

    8 minutes and the problem is solved..... still can't believe sprint didn't send another one out. whatever....

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    here's my tale - (all worked to my great satisfaction, I must say)

    Got my Treo back in August. Rec'd that second charger that Sprint sent out...when was that? replace the original one. Dropped my phone about a month or two ago, and started to notice power charging problems. My device had a hard time accurately connecting to the charger/old charger/new charger/cradle, whatever - I would have to jiggle the connection to get it to charge. It got progressively worse, and a couple of weeks ago I took it to the local SPCS store (not an affiliate). They took it into the back, ran some tests, came out and told me they'd replace it since it was still under warranty. Sweet!
    Got my new one in the mail about 4 days later - sent the old one back. Good to go!
    I do have to give them their props when they deserve it.
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    Originally posted by nrosser
    Got my new one in the mail about 4 days later - sent the old one back. Good to go!
    Does your new phone have the same difficulty remaining connected to vision as the old one?
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    Seems so - but my travels to other locales have made me believe (even though I did NOT think that would be the case) that my specific connection issues are location specific. So - same problems, same pattern, new device. It's not THAT huge a deal to me, anymore - I've resigned myself to it....

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