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    I've been using Bizconn for a while and decided to try out Treo mail. Treo mail has 2 nice advantages:

    1. It has autocomplete for the e-mail address. Very nice. It remembers who you have recently e-mailed.
    2. URLs are recognized by Blazer. Also very nice.

    2 disadvantages.
    1. A little more expensive (I think about $100/yr vs. $5/mo).
    2. I have found the SMS notifications for new e-mail to be a little unreliable at times.

    And you could argue it either way, but for me it is an advantage: with Treomail, your mail is not accessible via a webpage, which would seem to be a little more secure.
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    I went down this same path - used BC for about 2 months after getting the phone back in August. Then checked out TreoMail when they came out with the 1.5 update. It's been TreoMail ever since. Just seems to be more reilable overall. Granted, you do give up the push, but I can get my mail (reliably, which is the KEY) every 15 minutes anyway.

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