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    so i am a new user and i trialed the 300sms app
    great that it enables send on the treo 300 but it really does not do what in need
    all I want to do with sms/shortmail is be given the ability to reply directly to any incoming txt messages
    currently the only way this has been possible
    a) the sms comes from a cell phone
    b) I configure the contact adress in such a way the it reconizes the caller I'd- I have very little sucess with doing this

    as I have over 1300 contacts that I have no desire to recofigure I was hoping there is a simple solution
    I don't need caller I'd just need the ability to respond

    I managed to get sprint to agree to pay $20 for sms "update" just hoping that an alternate piece of sofware exists
    thanks much in advance
    this geek phone is the dogs bollox!!!
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    Why not eMail or IM?
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    IM will not work for me as the people who are sending me the messages are inside a firewall or using 2 way text pages

    email sort of would work but that would mean using a personal account as I can not get to my work email - again coz of the firewall

    Are Handspring/sprint going to work on a native solution for Treo 300 anytime

    If not I will pay for Treo300 SMS but not that exicited about it- If I thought there is a upgrade on the way then I woudl be happier about shelling out the cash now

    Maybe I am being naive but it would seem responding directly to a recieved sms can not be to difficult

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    What problem are you having with replying to SMS directly. I do it all the time, from different network senders.

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    if I recieve a sms from (this is a two way text pager carried by ameritec)
    the only options that pop up are ok or delete upon recipt
    if I click on the message no option to reply is offered and no caller I'd is present

    I have received sms from a cell phone (att I think) and when these come in it gives 4 options reply del ok an something else call I think

    all my work colleges use two way pagers so I need to be able to reply to messages fast- now I can manually look up their adress assuming I recognize who it is from and make a new sms but this slow and inconvenient

    as I said in an early post not having caller I'd is not the problem - I can get round this by reconfiguring my adress book but even when caller I'd is recognized I still do not get option to reply

    so that's my dilema hope someone can help personal email is not an option I want to use and coporate email is also not possible

    a long shot it would have anything to do with version of firmware or prl as I am not running the latest?
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    Now I understand. To the best of my knowledge, SMS programs don't usually have a reply feature when the source isn't a phone number. You can, however send from Treo300SMS to an e-mail address. It wouldn't be through the reply feature, but it can certainly be done.


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