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    Is anyone successfully coexisting (i.e. syncing and accessing data) with both Lotus Notes and MS Outlook concurrently on their Treo 300???

    I'm using MS Outlook at home and Lotus Notes at work and want to keep my calendar, contact, memo & task data on both systems updated and sync'd with my Treo.

    Does the following work??:

    Use Easysync Pro or Intellisync to sync with Lotus Notes (calendar, contact, memo, & task) data on my Office PC?

    Can I still use Hotsync Manager and Palm Desktop (and Pocket Mirror) to sync (calendar, contact, memo, & task data) with MS Outlook on the home PC?

    Access Lotus Notes email on my Treo using SprintPCS Business Connection - Personal Edition (as long as the PC remains powered and connected)?

    Use Snappermail to access personal POP3 email (e.g. MS Outlook and other) accounts?

    Any and all assistance (or cautions) appreciated!
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    As for mail at work.. use basejet. You can use Snapper if your company gives you POP access to your Notes/Domino mail file on the mail server.

    The only timebomb is the datebook and calander. When you take your work calander home and hotsync... your work calander will end up in outlook. And vice versa. Dataviz has their new outlook program that does not use the built in datebook. This would sepearate out Outlook from Notes. 2 calanders though.

    One option is you can categorize your home stuff as 'personal' and not sync personal items. You can see if you have the capability in pocketmirror's conduit by opening Palm Desktop, hotsync menu, custom. Double click on the pocket mirror conduit and see if you can only sync one category vs all.

    The last and the most painful solution is to 'mark as private' each record you don't want at work. This way your handheld does not hotsync its data into Notes. I am unsure if Easy Sync can use categories for notes.

    You can use CompanionLink. They can sync on catgegory information.

    Place to start first... check at work to see if the Notes conduit you are using like Intellicync or PylonPro give you category filtering so your personal stuff does not hotsync into your business stuff at work.

    Additionally you can just let them sync at either place. A few personal contacts and schedule items really may not bother you in Notes. It sits in your mail file so its private anyhow. You will have to delete anybody in your Outlook contact list thats in your Notes address book before you hotsync otherwise you will have dupes to clean up.

    There is a place to start...


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