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    I'm wondering if there is software out there that will allow me to manage multiple e-mail accounts on my Treo 270. I've got two Outlook profiles that I'd like to use. Can anyone help?
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    I believe the best choice for managing multiple accounts is Snappermail.
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    If you're using Microsoft Exchange and DON'T have POP3 access to it, then SnapperMail won't work for you. You'll need something like Corsoft Aileron, Sprint Business Connection, or BaseJet. However, none of them handle more than one Exchange mailbox.

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    Here are the specifics of my situation:

    1. I have one mailbox with POP access and one Exchange mailbox behind a firewall
    2. I use Outlook to manage both (2 profiles) and would like to be able to access both on my Treo
    3. I think I need and IMAP program with Outlook Sync capabilities because I want to maintain the integrity of my Outlook mail boxes

    Is this just wishful thinking? Could I install two mail clients on my Treo?
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    If running Exchange, you could also use OWA and OWA for PDA.
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    For IMAP e-mail try at: works great via Chatter on both the Treo 270 and 300 (do a quick search here for Chatter).
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