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    While I am hot synching my Treo 270 I get a Fatal Alert - Preferences.c, Line:175, Pref DB Open Error. After I reset the treo the hot synch works fine next time around. Any suggestions?
    Darren Greenspoon
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    It means that one of your third-party apps isn't playing nice (It's leaving the preferences database open for writing, so that nobody else can try to write to it. After the reset, the databases will all be unlocked, so your HotSync will work.) If the problem is fairly new, look to a fairly new app... Or you can try removing them one by one, I suppose...

    - Marc
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    You are always very helpful. I believe it is a problem with PushMail Beta. After I receive an e-mail is when the hot sync problem always happens. I have erased the program from my treo and now I'm going to see what happens. If this is the case I will forward the error on to the support at Push Mail.

    Thank you again for your helpfulness!
    Darren Greenspoon
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    No problem! (I've learned a lot about Treo crashes by working on Chatter...!)

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