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    i just thought it would be cool if this could be done .... if when you put your treo in its charger an automatic away message gets posted "im charging".
    because this is the only time when the phone is really not with me, so it would be nice to automatically let my buddies know that.

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    It wouldn't be hard to do as a preference. I'll consider it for the next version...

    - m
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    This sounds like a frill to add tot he size of the apps. Why not set yourself to away and then set your phone to charge? I believe in Chatter you can even customize your "away" message. Why not create one that says "Away charging" or something like that?
    My life is in my Treo... Where is yours?
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    Good point... Adding a preference wouldn't add more than a tiny bit of memory, though... But I like your solution, Yardie...
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    I've asked the PDAApps folks for something kinda out there for Vericaht (and they responded back with a 'yeah, cool - we'll look into that'. I said I'd like to have Verichat KNOW or sense when the Treo receives or makes a call, and then have the status change automatically to 'on the phone'. Of course, since changing the status (either manually or programatically) requires a data ping, and that can't be done with Sprint while ON THE PHONE, that makes my little request somewhat difficult.
    But - they said they'd check into it. I think that would be a great feature....
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    I'd also really like to see this on-the-phone feature added. Perhaps an alternative to have an "Ignore All" button availableav or some similar functionality.

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    I think the obvious challenge is how to accomplish this - since the phone is in use, that would preclude any way for the Treo to communicate with the Verichat servers. Maybe the Verichat software on the device could sense an incoming call, and send a fast little SMS to the Verichat server, prior to the call being answered. I really don't think that's possible either, but maybe there's a way....let's go, PDAApps, put those thinkin' caps on - you've done an awesome job with everything so far..

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