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    I love AvantGo and use it everyday. Unfortunately, I have a problem with Fatal Exception errors which require a soft reset. I read about other users having this problem too. I contacted Avantgo and here is what they had to say. I don't find it very helpful as my problem is on the Treo and not on my computer. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for contacting AvantGo Support!

    The only problem we know on the Treo is in wireless mode. Customers using the GPRS netwrok are not able to modem sync or use the open page function. Here is info on Fatal Alerts. This usually occurs because you have installed Palm software rather than the Handspring software that is on the CD that comes with your Visor. The solution is to uninstall AvantGo, uninstall the Palm desktop software. Install the software on your Handspring CD and then reinstall AvantGo.

    Please refer to
    Disable any anti-virus or hack programs, then login to your AvantGo account, click My Channels, click Software Setup in the left margin, download the appropriate client, and install it. Then click on Configure Mobile
    Application Link to configure the server.

    Best Regards,

    AvantGo Support
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    My avantgo crashes whenever it is open and wireless coverage either goes out or comes in. So I just remember to switch out of avantgo when I'm done and turn off wireless before I go underground when I know I'm going to use AvantGo.,
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    On a Treo 300 I'm using AvantGo everyday without problems. If it's wireless sync however, I have problems unless I go into Server Preferences/Options and check off "Replace all Content." Otherwise, the Treo is unable to perform the wireless sync and sometimes crashes.

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