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    Is that a T90 in your Pocket,
    or are you happy to see me?

    Are you really carrying your T90 in your pocket or do you keep it in a case?

    I personally keep it in my pocket but am currently looking for a belt clip case for it.
    Suggestions accepted.
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    I'm using the "ultra" belt clip from
    works great
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    Yup, I carry it in my pocket, no case. Usually my back pocket, in fact! (Its smaller then my wallet...) I am currently looking for a slim case to give it some extra protection though... any good suggestions?
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    I actually found a case that works very well for the T90.

    The Palm Zire Case.

    It fits the T90 almost like a glove and has a good belt loop/clip.

    The only thing is that it is this bright blue color.
    $14 at Staples.... so the price is right.
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    I took some old wallet leather and designed a glove for my 90. My wife has a sophisticated sewing machine and sewed it up, including a spare SD slot. The treo slides in the side of it.

    It does nothing for protecting the unit from sitting on it. But it keeps the dust out and the scratches off, keeps the SD from accidentally popping out, and acts as a stabilizer when you lay the Treo on the table and connect via IR. Plus it add no appreciable size when I carry the 90 in a pocket.

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