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    Trying to use AOL for Palm 3.0 on my new Treo 300. I don't have Sprint Vision service, and want to use AOL to get my e-mail. The software gives the option of "wireless modem," which (I think) should dial in to AOL using my Sprint minutes.

    However, I get an error message when trying to connect: Dm(0x0001). The software worked fine when dialing out to get AOL access numbers, however I get this message when trying to log in.

    AOL tech support told me the software does not support wireless modems; however, I find this hard to believe since the drop down box includes "wireless modem" as an option when setting up the software. I also have seen plenty of online posts suggesting that many people are successfully using this software on their Treo 300's!

    Any thoughts on how to get around this?
    Robert D Riesenbach
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    I see you want this problem solved.

    Check out this thread. Maybe it will help.

    Someone else had the same problem but as a whole this problem hasn't occured that often. Sorry I couldn't help you any more. I don't use AOL at all. Also I'm the same person that would have helped you at the site below so no need to reply at the other site.
    May the lord bless you and Heaven smile upon you.
    Check out this site also for great discussions on all pdaphones.
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    How can you have a Treo 300 and not have Vision service? Sprint requires a Vision plan (with or without unlimited data) for one of these phones.

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    The additional fee for Vision Data service is not required, and I'm sure that's what the original poster meant.

    However, they should beware that using the Treo as a modem for something like AOL can be dangerous as it will use up airtime minutes.

    If they have the Vision unlimited data service, they should set it to "Use another ISP", and it will connect to Vision, then connect to AOL.

    - Mike

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