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    When using wireless web on the Treo, it seems to "stop" after about 5 or 10 minutes. I don't know why? I have to drop the connection and reconnect?

    Anyone know anything about this?


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    I've never heard of it disconnecting due to non-use, however I have noticed that mine will disconnect when I close the flip. It will stay on a couple seconds after closing it, then turn off. When I open it after it's turned off, the connection arrows are not there anymore.

    Is there a way to disable this that anyone knows of?

    - Mike
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    This is a network problem; some people have it worse than others. You can complain to Sprint, but it won't help.

    - m
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    for the replys.

    I have found a workmaround. I run MSDOS in a window and ping a server continuously. The connection stays active then.

    I don't ahave a technical explanination, other than I guess using Explorer has too much pause time in downloads and the Sprint system kicks the treo off, and maybe Explorer/Wireless Web doesn't do what it needs to reactivate the connection?

    Beats me, but it's working fine.

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    Ohhh. you're talking about when using it with Windows...

    I've never run into any problems under Windows... maybe I just keep it active enough.

    My post earlier was just using the Vision with the phone itself, not with Windows.

    - Mike

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