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    Hi. terribly sorry if this has been addressed already.
    I'm dying for the Treo 300 and the Amazon offer seems great. However, I'm a current Sprint PCS customer. Is it possible for me to get both the Sprint and Amazon rebates even though I aready have a plan? Could I get the rebates if I canceled my existing service and activated new service (I can live with a new phone number if I have to).

    I've called Amazon and Sprint and get different answers each time so I don't feel very confident that anything I've heard is accurate.

    If anyone else has any experiences or advice I would appreciate it.

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    You won't get the rebates if you don't cancel and sign up again. However, I've heard of people getting money (not huge amounts, but some) or service rebates/improvements just by calling and saying I'd like to cancel and then waiting until they ask "why." Then you tell them and they offer you some stuff.
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    I was an existing month-to-month Sprint customer last November when I bought a Treo 300 through Amazon. I signed a one-year contract on the Treo with a new phone number, and (a month later) cancelled my previous number. I got both the Sprint and Amazon rebates. The administration of the rebates for both Sprint and Amazon was poor, though. Amazon got my rebate wrong four times (lost paperwork 3x, wrong amount, stopped payment on check).

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