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    Okay, now that I got your attention ..

    I just rec'd a replacement for my broken-hinged Treo from Sprint. It has taken 3 days for the Vision "settings updater" to *finally* work .. it finally did it's thing without error this morning, even though I spent the better part of a 1/2 hour yesterday morning with a Sprint Vision tech. He reset my password, had me do a hard reset, etc. He felt it was mostly related to signal strength problems. I never had such a problem with my 1st Treo, even in the same locations where I was having problems with this Treo.

    Also yesterday I noticed that I kept getting dropped calls in my office -- this happened occasionally with my old phone, but it was happening on a regular basis with this phone.

    Is it possible that this phone cannot pick up the signal as well as my old phone? Has anyone experienced this? How do I convince Sprint of this possibility so that I can get this thing replaced or repaired?

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    I had trouble with my phone with dropped calls, and missing phone calls, I took it to PCS Store and they tested it with diagnostics software and it failed the diagnostics. So they replaced it. I were you I would take it to the store and have the test it.
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    I had a bad phone and it constantly dropped calls and couldn't hold a signal. Oddly enough, the data always worked perfectly. But I needed the phone to work so I took it to Sprint and sure enough, it failed the diagnostics test (DUH) and they sent me a new one which I received the next day. The new one works wonderfully and I have not had a problem.

    Take it in and have it tested. It doesn't cost anything and it might get you a free replacement.
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    Consumer Reports recently profiled several of the national cell service providers and Sprint's biggest knock was dropped calls. FWIW.
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    You're like my twin or something. I replaced my broken hinged treo, received the new one in the mail. It had poor received signal strength, and failed the sprint diagnostics. I sent it back, and am on my third phone, which took like 3 days to get set up correctly with the "settings updater" even after talking to a rep. Its amazing how common these problems are.
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    Why don't they run diagnostics before sending the phone out? (never mind, they're made in mexico)

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