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    Anybody tried timeslips?
    Anybody know of a good free timekeeping program (for lawyers)? I've tried several, but nothing really sings. Currently using Time Companion and Tik Tok -- each has certain limitations.
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    We use Juris Timesheets on our computers, and I think there's supposed to be a companion program for the PDA. It's rather expensive and, as I'm the only one here advanced in PDA fanatacism enough to use it, I haven't brought it up in the partner meetings.

    I downloaded some program (sorry, can't think of name now) and tried it, but it didn't really suit my purposes. The major problem was that we track our files by client number then case number (we do insurance defense) and I just can't remember all those numbers. Having to search the computer after syncing timeslips from Handheld sorta defeats the purpose.

    I'll try to find the one I tried and post the link. Let me know if you find anything useful in the meantime...
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    I use All Time from that does a great job at tracking time and projects. It is pricey, $ 40.00, but, in my opinion, does a great job. I have been using it for a couple of years.

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