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    Looking for a word processor program that allows me to email word files to an email client. From what I see, all files from word processors are in .pdb form, and not in a Word form, so even though I can email attachments (snappermail), they can't be read by another computer unless... Also, are there any programs available that allow a client to read or convert a .pdb file so that they can process it as a Word or something similar file? Thanks!
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    There are convertors available that allow a user to convert a palm database into text. Look them up on palmgear. In the case of a doc file, there is a native palm application that is being made that reads regular microsoft word files. I think it's for the Os 5 units however. I think the simplest thing to do is to send your client the doc file and a link to the convertor in order to view it as a PC or Mac viewable file. Hope this helped.
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    Corsoft Aileron automatically converts files from QuickWord, QuickSheet, DocstoGo, SheettoGo, and WordSmith to Microsoft Word format when sending.

    QuickWord Premier allows sending Word doc files using SnapperMail.

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    Quickword Premier and SnapperMail will do what you want. Tap the mail icon in QW to push a DOC file to Snapper to send. Don't attach from the composer.

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