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    Is there anyone else out there having major Vision connection problems. Lately I have not been able to connect about 70% of the time. I'll wait a couple of days and it'll connect on the first try for a couple of hours and then it won't connect for another couple of days. WHAT'S THE DEAL?!!! It's very upsetting when you have important emails or you are trying to send a SMS and all you get is "The network is very busy or unavailable". I wonder if part of the problem is people using Sprint as their primary ISP via PalmNet and their unlimited Vision Plan. Any thoughts?...
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    sprint always sucks. where ya been?!
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    Comes and goes - mostly goes. There've been a ton of threads on this, and the general consensus is that there's no common pattern with dropping the connection. Just kinda flaky.

    What makes ME insane is that my connection was solid, always, when I first got the device back in August of last year, up until around Thanksgiving. Since then - very hit or miss.
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    I'm with you Neil. It's as if they turned off the "always on" switch after a few months of working flawlessly. It got to the point that I've moved entirely to the 270 which, at least where I am, is FAR, FAR more reliable. A bit more costly, though, but I think it's well worth it.

    - m
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    Perhaps the firmware update will help.
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    I use the phone moderately and the net a lot with a Treo 300. While, at times, I have found the service to have a minor glitch here and there; in general, it has been quite excellent in this area. It really does seem like a regional thing. I hope Sprint moves quickly to improve it's coverage in other areas.
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    Things have been great for me in my home area of Ithaca, NY. Down in the city I had excellent signal strength and service in all five boroughs. I hope we don't start experiencing the problems mentioned herein

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    Is there a firmware update to the 300? Where is it to be found?

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    i agree that everything was fine until thanksgiving.
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    I have also had difficulty getting connected to vision the last week or two... hmmm ... thought it was just me. I wonder what is going on?

    And yeah, how DO you get a firmware update?

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