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    Has anyone had experience with Mapopolis? I like the idea of a GPS for my Treo, but they seem to be out get all my money...
    $200 for the GPS, $13 per map (city) or $45 per map pack(state ?), $6 per city guide, or $25 per guide pack(state ?). If a pack means a State then the cost to get started is about $275. To travel to another state would cost another $75 or so. If you realy travel and want all fifty states then it is nearly $4000 in maps, or did I miss something?
    What hapens when you want to go abroad?
    So I ask again, has anyone out there had experience with Mapopolis? Cost, service, product quality, etc.?

    Took a closer look. $200 for the unit and pack (All US maps on CD)
    Not a bad price at all. Updates cost extra, maps for other types of GPS units cost extra, etc...
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    My understanding from discussion with Mapopolis is that when you buy access to a certain level of map, you get rights to use all "lower" levels of map as well. So if you buy the "driving directions" version of the maps (which use quite a lot of room) online you also are allowed to use the smaller, GPS-position-only maps, and the even-lower-detail maps if you want to.

    But-- I agree that it looks like buying the maps on CD gives you a different set of rights, and I agree that updates (*) might not be included in those rights, and possibly lower-detail maps as well.

    (*) I bought the Magellan GPS companion for Visor, which worked will in its limited fashion, but in the years I've had it Magellan never released a software update or map update, so not having rights to updated maps may not be such a big deal.

    Lastly, on the subject of the Mapopolis unit's cable- in my car it was pretty darned hard to keep the screen visible and the receiver in contact with the satellites at the same time. I for one think that the puck-on-a-cable design is an improvement. Your situation may differ.
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    From the Mapopolis FAQs...

    What is a Map Pack?

    A one-year Map Pack to any of the Mapopolis map libraries entitles the subscriber to download an unlimited number of maps in that library for free for a period of one year from the date of purchase. A map library consists of all maps generated from one release of data.

    So, if I purchase an Enhanced Map Pack, I can download an unlimited number of Enhanced Maps for 1 year after paying $24.95. Pretty good really. As the map packs go up in price, the features increase. The NavTech maps are also better quality than the Tiger maps.

    If you don't mind downloading the maps you need, the online, downloadable purchases are probably easiest.

    I have bought both individual maps and map packs in the past and used them quite extensively with my GPS units I had for my Visors. I still use the maps without the GPS support in my Treo and would heartily recommend the maps and the app to anyone who asked.

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