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    I have a Treo 270 using Rogers AT&T service in Canada and I have my Yahoo account setup to send alerts to my sms e-mail address everytime mail arrives in my inbox. At first this worked very well, but now I get the alerts 2-3 hours after the e-mail arrived. Does anyone have any other suggestions for getting these alerts a lot faster. I have tried e-mailing yahoo, but I have not received a response. When I send myself an SMS message I get it within 10 seconds. If I can get this working there is a great program out there called TreoHelper that when an SMS arrives with a particular piece of information (yahoo in my case) it will activate the send/fetch feature in Snappermail and your e-mail will appear instantly - almost as good as the Blackberry. If anyone knows of another website that will allow free SMS alerts for e-mail I would appreciate it. I also tried MSN - but there service was worse.
    Darren Greenspoon
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    Have you seen ezSMS by Starbuck Software? It is not free ... I think it is $19.95 but you might check it out at Handango.

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