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    I wonder if anyone else have had this problem.

    Aside from the speed issue, I've now had 2 SD cards fail on my catastrophically as in the treo not being able to read it anymore all of a sudden. Card readers can't read it either, and I can't format the card at all.

    I'm getting my card replaced AGAIN tomorrow. I don't do anything usual to the card, and my treo does not have a problem (I think)...... it was a replacement after the infamous stylus issue.

    I'm questioning my loyalty to this device after so many itsy bitsy problems along the way.
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    Check to see if your OS is the updated version. From the Home screen, call up Info from the menu. Tap Version. At the top it should say ...v.4.1H3. There was an issue specifically 128M SD's and earlier versions of the OS. The updater to bring the OS to par is at

    Second, What kind of reader did you have it in? I'm assuming it was on a Mac or PC. Certain readers and software will corrupts files on extrenal media if the media wasn't removed from the reader properly. I had this happen on My Mac with a CF card not too long ago. If this is what happened, the data is lost unless you want to pay $80 to a retrieval company extract it from the disc. However, the card should be able to be reformatted.

    Third, There's a tiny switch on the the side of your 128M SD. On Sandisks, this needs to be in the up position. (When the notched corner is on your upper right.)

    Hope some of this helps,

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    I've been using a Panasonic 128MB card for over 3 months without any problems. I use the card on my Treo90, a Mac and a PC. I move Palm and pc files around and give it a good workout without problem.
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