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    i just recently purchased a Treo 300 and haven't had any luck with getting Palm VNC to run on it. I wanted to know if anyone has had the same issue or if it's even possible to run Palm VNC on the Treo 300? My mobile service provider is Sprint PCS. Please let me know if it's possible? Thanks

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    Yep I use it all the time. (Treo 300 on Sprint of course) Works great!!!

    (Even though I haven't been able to get the server side scaling to work)
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    anytime i start up palm vnc it says not connected.adn i cant go into any type of menu on it....can ya tell me what im doing wrong. what version of palm vnc are ya using? im currently running 2.0. and ive tried 1.4 as well. ive even gone as far as connecting to it thru a web broswer --the browser shows me as connected but i still dont get any visuals do i have to turn down something or configuring something. do ya connect to it thru browser or right thru palm vnc it self.? thanks for your response.
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    I don't use the web stuff. I think I know how it works and I don't believe it will work on blazer. I open palm vnc and then hit menu (bottom right longer button, up from mail) then connect. I'm using palm 2.0.1 build 166. (This is the one that works with ultravnc).

    Hope this helps!
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    I use version 2.01. Set up was a snap. I use the WinVNC Server in App. mode on my Treo 300. Now I view my real time streaming quotes from Ameritrade on my Treo. It is a power drainer though so be careful. I'm a mobile professional so my car charger comes in very handy. I haven't used VNC for more than a hour at a time. I've also sent Email via Outlook Express along with file attachments. Very cool.
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    i'll try using the ultra vnc on the server to see if it helps?? thanks for the info again. i'll let ya know how i made out....
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    thanks for you insight--i got it to work----jus uninstalled some junk and its running smooth..... =)
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    What better to use? RealVNC, TightVNC or UltraVNC? anyone have experience with the three?
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    I've used Palm VNC and Real VNC so I can only speak to those 2 ....... I didn't see much difference in the base feature set between them. The only meaningful difference I found in the server side app was the support for server side scaling in Palm VNC. That's a big bonus for me .......
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    I use Palm VNC 2, version 2.01 on my Treo 300.

    I used Palm VNC 1 for many years on my Palm IIIx, Palm IIIc, Handera 330 and Palm M130. VNC 2 is much faster; but that has more to do with Sprint's faster Vision service than anything else, I think.

    VNC 2 was much easier to set up than VNC 1. I used the viewer mode in VNC 1 back then. Now I use VNC in App mode on my Treo.

    I like VNC much more now. Compatibility with the Treo keyboard is a big plus, along with the faster speed.

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