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    I've been reading a lot of eBooks lately (thanks much alight) and I've been wanting a better large font - the system small one is fine but when I want to get my Neo farther from my face the larger font just seems too condensed.

    Do any of you recommend or use a font-hack, and what? I am a bit nervous about using hacks because of stability, but I'll give it a shot if it's my only choice. I would be nice if CSpotRun included some better fonts.

    Thanks in advance!
    - CML
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    Hacks can be a problem, just play around with it. I myself does not use hacks anymore too many problems for me and I am in no need of them. The main thing to do is to not have too many hacks patching the system. I think the font hack does not pose many problems.

    Fonthack 123 is great there are many other fonts available for it and what is the coolest part is that you can choose the applications that get the font replacement. Find it
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    Do you have WordSmith? You could convert a font from the desktop and use that as a reader. Just a thought if you don't want to go the hack route.

    - Jeramy
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    No, I don't have Wordsmith - I have DTG.

    Thanks for the hack suggestion though - I was afraid of it not being stable but it's running fine and looking beautiful with J-Fonts I found.

    I've found it like having a new device, and the J-Fonts collection has a larger font perfect for reading in CSpotRun.

    Thanks to all!
    - CML
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    Oooh, I think I missed something here. Are we talking new font(s) that work with CSpotRun?

    If so, please enlighten me. I'm interested personally and as a possible "update" to the article/tutorial.

    Thanks very much.
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    Yes, they work with CSpotRun, and the whole system.

    X-Master , a hack manager (a freeware version of HackMaster )
    FontHack123 , the hack that allows system fonts to be overridden
    Fonts to use.

    It is working with little hassle and is much easier on my eyes. Now I can truly compare reading on my Neo with reading a book.

    If someone would tell me how to get screenshots I would be more than happy to take a few and post them here.

    - CML
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    Thanks so much for the quick response.

    Funny thing is, as soon as I saw that I had to download three things I felt a little pressed. Being an "old hand" with the NEO is no different from being a newbie in that I never want to do anything too quickly that might mess it up.

    Anyway, it dawned on me (big "duh") that I could email myself a copy of this page with your great info/links. Then I can work with the components at my liesure.

    Looking forward to this. Thanks so much.

    Also, this will be a neat thing to add to the article (along with my recent discovery, finally, of an inexpensive alkaline battery charger that really works - just when I had almost given up - and not that I've been dissatisfied with regular disposable AAA's)
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    Just make sure to keep your Backup Module ready to go - this stuff may crash things (I'm sure you'll know this after all of the warnings FontHack will give you.)

    Personally, I had no problems on my Neo.

    - CML
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    Hhmm. Ya' know, I just looked at the email I sent myself with the links in it, then the email for this post came in.

    Truth is, the regular fonts work just fine for me so I think I'll keep the info. on hold for now.

    However, I'm really glad you found something that makes your reading even better and it is great to know possibilities exist.

    Kind of like the Magnifico flip magnifying screen. I haven't tried it ($35) but it is mentioned on the disabilities sites. I've looked at it and it is another thing to keep in mind.

    Aren't the simple things just the best?!

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    Good thing it is a ladie's prerogative to change her mind ,
    I downloaded the fonts and components a few minutes ago.

    Why? Because you were kind enough to make that info. available, I thought the least I could do was try it. And I like to try something before I actually write about it.

    Just wanted to say thanks very much for being one of those people who makes this forum special.

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