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    Does anyone know if there's a way to control the intensity of the Treo 300's vibrate?

    The vibrate function is much louder and stronger than other PDAs or cell phones that I've used, so I wish I could make it less noticeable.
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    Nope. On or off, take your pick.
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    This is kicking my ****. I'll be sitting in a meeting and the vibrate is so loud, it literally interrupts who ever happens to be speaking. Kind of defeats the purpose, you know!?

    I read somewhere that if you dis-assemble the Treo, you can tighten the vibrator housing to reduce the effect somewhat. I think it's a bit too strong and the frequency is too high, personally.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

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    It's still quite loud, but it's much better than before i fixed it. There's no reason you can't replace the shaker device inside the treo. You could also add some mass to the weight to slow it down/lower the frequency. I've not done this.
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    funny it's the men complaining about the vibrations being too intense, not the girls...
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    Some of the men...
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    Is there a guide somewhere on how to adjust the vibrate and/or open up the Treo. I did a quick search and did not find anything.


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