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    I finally got my treo to syc with my mac running osx (see recent post) by downloading the palm desktop from the handspring site. the one on the apple site did not work correctly (FOR ME).

    However, now everytime I sync the two devices, with isync, it says "INSTALLING THE INSTALLER 3.5.3" Then the two sync correctly. AFTER I get an error message, "this installer i snot campoatible wiht your device. Please contact the manufacturer for a compatible intaller" Then i tells me to delete the installer. So i delete it. ON the next sycn we go through the whole process again.

    Has anyone else experienced it. I'm glad the syc is working, but this is pretty irritating.

    any ideas?

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    this happens first time you sync on the Mac. open your Palm User folder on the Mac and trash the "Updates" or "Upgrades" DON'T need it. then make sure nothing is in your "Files to Install" folder. now sync and everything should work fine.
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    you rock. it fixed the problem. besides eliminating the error, the syncing process takes 25% of the time it did before.

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    Thanks but it's not me that rocks. Mac OSX + Treo 300 + iSync + .mac + my PowerBook G4 = ROCKS!!

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