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    Hello...I just got a new Treo which seems to be randomly resetting/shutting itself off. The screen will go blank and I am unable to turn it back on using the power button. It will turn on when I connect it to the charger with the data gone (as if it's undergone a soft reset). Curiously the battery shows that it is charged and I can then remove the charger and it will function normally....until the next random event.

    Any ideas?


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    For what it's worth, my first Treo 300 had a similiar problem. I called Amazon and they sent me out a new one and then I sent the old one back. I never missed a beat. The second one is working great. If I were you I would return it.
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    My co-worker is on treo #3. First two's battery would get very warm and drain quickly. Think he also would get a red blinking light when mine is blinking green and we work in the same area.
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    I had this same exact problem.

    I exchanged it at Comp USA for a new one that seems to be much better - but not flawless.

    I'm currently searching through for info on wireless mode turning itself off. Maybe sort of like power saver on my old samsung phone....

    So, I'm not out of the woods yet.


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