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    OK, now I have combined my phone and pda in one device. How do I get rid of my voice recorder? then how about my digital camera?
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    You don't.
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    Trash can?
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    You guys work at Handspring?
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    No, they're just curmudgeons.
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    Maybe I should clarify my response based upon my understanding of your orginal post. If you are looking for voice recording and/or camera support on the Treo, to my knowlege, this doesn't exist and has been thoroughly documented on the board. If I misinterpreted your meaning, I stand corrected.
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    Originally posted by drw
    No, they're just curmudgeons.
    I resemble that remark.
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    No, they're just curmudgeons.
    Pretty much. I know for a fact the voice recorder subject has been beaten to death (it can't be done).
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    Well, I have seen the future and that is next.

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