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    I have no idea if this is normal. I have a new treo, to which I have added no software to.

    I am trying to sync my treo 300 to my imac running MAC OSX 10 (the latest version). I have yet to have my NEW treo do anything but lock up when I attempt to connect it to the computer. Even if I just connect the treo to the cable (with no computer on the other end), it locks up. I hook it up, hit the hot sync button and the hotsync screen on the treo comes up but it crashes the treo. The cancel icon won't do anything. I have to restart it with the probe.

    I have installed palm desktop 4 for mac. the palm sync conduit, and isync on the mac.

    the treo reports that is has never been synced. If i use isync my computer tells me that no device is connected (when it is, physically).

    This is depressing. It seems like this should work. Any ideas. Is my treo a lemon?

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    Jon, new Treo 300 arrived yesterday and have had zero problems using with 17"imac/OS 10.2/Palm desktop 4.0. I went to Handspring's web site and downloaded and installed their "approved" version of Palm 4.0 over my previous one, just in case it mattered. So here's proof everything can/should work.
    Since your problems start when plugging into the Treo it does sound like an issue with your cable, or the Treo itself. Make sure you press the grey buttons firmly on the sides of the cable when inserting into the Treo, I noticed on mine it takes some effort to seat properly. You could try swapping out the cable at a Sprint store to see if that's the culprit. Good Luck.
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    hey ron,

    I got it to work by going to the handspring site. I just made a post when yours was made. However, I am getting an error. Did you happen to ever see the problem I was having on your treo?

    here is the post:

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    Haven't seen this one, or any other problems, I've synced 4-5 times now. Sounds like we are set up the same way-- I'm using OS X address book and ical for my contacts and calender. Be sure if you had a previous Palm device in isync you use a different device name. Once you have it all set up, you sync by hitting the button on your Treo cable (not thru isync, isync will come up automatically).
    Just downloaded eudora and now have access to my .mac e-mail. Very cool.

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    Hey ron,

    Thanks for the note and vote of confidence. I will grab a copy of eudora. A fellow suggested the exact fix for the problem under the other thread. might be a good thing to keep in mind in case you ever have to reinstall the mac software.

    thanks again,

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