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    Okay, I'm stumped. I have installed Buttons - T on my 300 and all of the setting seem to work EXCEPT the setting for what I assume is pressing the jog dial (top left choice). I have set this and no matter what pressing the jog dial will not bring up the app.

    Is that setting not for the jog dial? What's it for?

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    I've experimented with this myself and I've found that: First the lid must be closed for the jog dial to call up the defined app. And secondly, the treo screen must not be on for the commmand to work. For example if you want to set the jog dial button to memo pad, first close the lid and then wait for auto shut off (or press the poer button once). Then try pressing the jog dial and memo pad should launch.

    Frankly, in the end I don't find much use for this and so set it default to my phone book...
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    I got the definitive answer from the author.
    The jog dial button only works when it is POWERING UP the device. If the device is already on then it will have no effect.
    This makes sense as it would conflict with the operation of the jog dial in some programs, the problem lies between when the screen has blanked and when the device has actually powered down.

    Ahh...well...maybe someone can write a program that allows the function buttons to be programmed

    1. Function button plus lid closed
    2. Function button plus lid opened
    3. Function button plus Option button
    4. Jog Dial button held in for 2 seconds (or something different than just a normal jog press)


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