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    Can someone explain the circuit city rebate -is this the same as the $59 "warranty as advertised on their web site

    I want the just anouced new treo but too impatient to wait for the fall. If there is a way I can limit my exposure on upgrade and at same time trial form factor usefulness of sprint/coverage. I went ahead and ordered from amazon

    By my reckoning

    Amazon = 499 - 200 sprint - 150 Amazon = $149 Now
    2nd Gen = 500
    Ebay old 300 = $50 if lucky
    Total cost = $500

    CC= 499-200 sprint = $300 +60 Upgrade/Warranty = $360 now
    2nd gen treo = 500- 500 upgrade = $0
    Total cost = $360

    If my logic is flawed please let me know as I only have acouple of days to cancel amazon and find the unit at circuit city

    You assistance would be most appreciated
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    I just went through your exact dilemma. I decided to purchase my treo from CC. I purchased the $60 city advantage protection plan. I was assured I can trade in my oold phone for a new one within the three year plan (for the value of my original phone $499). I plan on upgrading this winter.
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    I had a Kyocera 6035 for over a year and decided to upgrade to a Treo 300 using the Circuit City extended warranty. I walked in the store with my old Kyocera 6035 and 15 minutes later walked out with my new Treo 300 for a total investment of $49 (price between original Kyocera - before rebates - and the new Treo 300). Circuit City is the ONLY place to buy cell phones as far as I'm concerned. I'll probably do the same thing again when the new Treo is released.
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    Got a Treo300 at circuit city, for $219.99

    Basic price: $499.99
    Discount: $80.00 (showed them ad of "Fry's Electronics, a competitor, which had $80 in "instant rebates")
    Sprint Rebate: $200.00
    I also got the $59.99 Cityprotection plan, so I can upgrade to a new phone when the new Treo comes out in the fall, etc etc.

    By the way, for what it's worth I took the same "ad" to a SprintPCS store in my area and they also agreed to match the price. They said they don't match Amazon though. But this is better than Amazon imho, since the $80.00 is an instant discount, not a rebate.
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    So let me get this straight... I can upgrade my Treo if I purchase through CC? Where does it say that in the brochure -
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    Originally posted by NathanH
    So let me get this straight... I can upgrade my Treo if I purchase through CC? Where does it say that in the brochure -
    The plan is not specifically for upgrading. Replacement is given for "defective" units. Although it can change at any time (though highly unlikely), Circuit City does not repair these items, so they take it back and give your a refund towards a new product. Since they don't repair them and don't have ability to really verify the "defective" unit, they just have to take your word on it that it's defective. So, they give you credit for your purchase towards another unit. If a particular store had 300's in stock when you went there, they might only exchange it for the same model. However, I'm sure that by the time we all have "defective" units when the new model becomes available, that they will be long since sold out of 300s. Be sure to keep all your box and packaging because some stores will use this as an opportunity to get out of doing this. Defectives for any store are easier to accept and get credit from the supplier when they are returned complete.
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    Is the Treo 300 line going to be discontinued after the release of the new Treo?
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    In their recent quarterly report, Handspring said that we should expect the old and new phones to coexist in the retail channel for a while. However, they didn't say specifically that the 300 would co-exist with its CDMA could be only the 270 will coexist with its GSM/GPRS replacement. I think we should expect the 300 to be discontinued more-or-less when its replacement comes out, if not before.

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